Soundcloud Remixes

23 Sep

In my writings for other blogs, I’ve done a feature rounding up the best tracks that I’ve ‘discovered’ on Soundcloud. If you don’t know it, I really urge you to check it out! My picks are below, and I’ve decided to focus specifically on remixes this time around.

After the success of yesterday’s article on Rostam Batmanglij, I think it’s reasonable to say that the readership are quite big Vampire Weekend fans, and with this in mind I’ve got you two remixes of theirs! Before I share them with you, is it just me who feels that Vampire Weekend are a criminally under remixed band? I mean their tracks are cut up pretty much perfectly for mixing, with hundreds of little drops waiting to happen, and so much to play with and most crucially of all it sounds good to start with, so it’s hard to go wrong!

Enough of my ranting anyway, here the tracks are.

Vampire Weekend – Ottoman (Betatraxx Remix)

The first track is the Betatraxx remix of Ottoman, from the eponymous debut album Vampire Weekend. It’s interesting to hear a more electro take on Vampire Weekend, maybe this is what it would sound like if they took more of the direction Discovery do?

Nova – Summertime Thoughts

Secondly is something that works really well, and that doesn’t surprise me. Again, I think more people should sample them. Nova does it here, and my God, it works!

Klaxons – Flashover (Capt & Cooked Remix)

Next is something which is quite complicated for me. Like, I feel like I should really like this track, it ticks all the boxes of what I would normally like, it’s a remix of Klaxons, one of my favorite bands, yet something just isn’t quite there. It’s still a solid track, I do really like it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the gold-dust it feels like it should be for me.

Louis Armstrong – Smile (Anto Remix)

Louis Armstrong, in my opinion has probably got the greatest voice of all time, and We Have All the Time In The World is one of the greatest songs ever. Period. Well, Smile’s another classic he’s responsible for, and Anto has taken it and stylishly made it suitable for a contemporary audience – not that the original isn’t or anything.

Prokofiev – Dance of the Knights (Tremour Remix)

On the subject of modernising a classic, Tremour has remixed this menacing masterpiece into something more modern by adding drums in. It sounds like something you might hear on an advert for a new BMW – pretty lopsided praise, but praise nonetheless.

Zero One – Santander Ad Remix

Dubstep is, in my opinion, one of music’s worst ever fads, something to be avoided like the plague. However, I do have some time for ‘liquid’ the side of the genre that’s fairly ‘filth’ free. However, this Zero One remix is worth listening to, it’s very atmospheric and doesn’t assault the ears in the way that I find most dubstep does.

Chemical Brothers – Another World (Algeronics Remix)

My final track is a remix from Algeronics, one of the most underrated producers/remixers out there. If you don’t believe me, play this track. If you still don’t believe me after that, we need to have words…


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