Introducing: Alpines

16 Dec

Linking nicely from the last article I did, on the xx, come Alpines. They’re certainly of a similar vain, and although the comparison feels to obvious, it’s one which is bound to be made repeatedly. These guys are definitely one of my picks to watch in 2011, their minimalistic style is likely to appeal to the masses because of the powerful voice of singer Catherine Pockson, which really fills the spaces cleverly left by the music. It incorporates a lot, from aspects of dubstep right across to the neogothic sound currently being purveyed by Zola Jesus. The ‘night-pop’ of Alpines is something you’re likely to be hearing a lot of in the coming years.

Alpines – Ice & Arrows

Alpines – Drive


2 Responses to “Introducing: Alpines”

  1. Darron Nuth February 14, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    Helpful summary, saved the website for hopes to see more information!


  1. Re-Introducing: Alpines « Compromise Music - April 16, 2011

    […] a band from South London called Alpines, who I was first harking on about way back when – or here, if you choose. So why are Alpines back on the radar? Well, in the time since I last blogged them, […]

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