Some Alternative Bass Frequencies

24 Dec

To most people, bass driven music would suggest dubstep, bassline and maybe some grime. Well I’d like to offer an alternative to that. Dare I say more sophisticated bass driven music?
No, it won’t blow your speakers, and you probably wouldn’t want to rave to it, but it does utilise bass and the songs are somewhat carried by it.

Jamie Woon – Blue Truth

I hadn’t really considered myself a massive Jamie Woon fan until recently, however I’ve looked back over recent posts, and I have to say he’s probably one of my most blogged artists. So maybe I am a massive Jamie Woon fan. Anyhow, this follows the usual ‘formula’ of neo-soul carried by deep bass. I have to say this is a sound I’m really liking at the moment and he personifies it.

Burial – Archangel (Phaseone Remix)

Burial is another name repeatedly popping up. My recent discovery of Burial makes me dislike dubstep even more.. the sound he has created has been bastardised into something for the clubs rather than the natural development of soul it was. This Phaseone remix really accentuates the best features of the Burial original while lifting the tone.

Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Matthew Spear Remix)

Now it’s creator is calling this one dubstep. I suppose it is. What I like about it is that it manages to beef up the Ellie Goulding version. For me, the Ellie Goulding version’s biggest assets are it’s daintiness, high notes and Ellie’s beautiful voice. This remix underscores that with a harsher deeper bassline, which provides a good contrast.

Stacs – All or Nothing (Blue Daisy Mix)

Again this track has it’s roots in soul, until Blue Daisy came along. This one is interesting because it incorporates aspects of two of 2010’s most vaunted genres – chillwave and post-dub. The combination works well.

Nika + Rory – I’m Not Going Anywhere

This is goth-pop, it has some great dark bassy synths in towards the end. Nika + Rory is a project involving Zola Jesus, one of the forefathers (or mothers, in this case) of the genre, so you can expect to hear a lot more of it in the future.


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