New Breed

27 Dec

I’ve nominally put this track in the ‘hip hop’ category because I’m not quite sure where else to put it. An eclectic mix of garage, emceeing and a whole bunch of other stuff, this track from Sheffield wizz-kid (literally, he’s only 18)  Checan falls nicely in the middle of heavy bass music – the likes of bassline – and whatever the hell we call the music that Jamie xx is putting out. I guess you’d say it’s roughly at the same place as post dubstep, neo soul type sound being put out by the likes of Jamie Woon but drawing more heavily on the garage influenced aspects rather than the soul aspects.

Checan – New Breed (Featuring Drs)

The space in the track is excellent – and it’s good to hear a northern UK vocalist for once. It’s been championed on Radio 1 by garage doyen (and Compromise favourite) Toddla T. This track’s been pretty hard to pigeonhole – I think I’ve had a fair crack – albeit in a slightly more roundabout way than normal. Indeed – it’s not normal Compromise fodder, but I felt it was too good to pass. Check it out and support this up-and-coming artist by purchasing the track on iTunes. It is his debut after all…



2 Responses to “New Breed”

  1. JP December 28, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    Hmm I’d not come across this before, interesting. Looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.


  1. The Comedown | Feral Party Kids - January 5, 2011

    […] From Checan, this is the most uptempo and if there was a chilled vibe I guess it would be quite party suitable. Vocals are provided from Manchester rapper DRS, in this meeting of Northern styles. There’s a more thorough writeup on this one here. […]

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