2010 Lingers…

2 Jan

Happy New Year readers! At some point, somewhere I will be publishing my favourite tracks of 2010, but in the meantime this post features some of the best tracks from 2010 by bands you quite possibly haven’t heard of. I guess it sort of doubles up as people worth keeping an eye on in the coming year as well – so this post is two for the price of one!

Kisses – The Heart of the Nightlife

I think this LA duo are going to become one of my favourites of the next few years, judging by this, the title track from their debut album. It’s an instrumental which sounds like the backing for something from 70s West Coast California, but with some electronic influences in there. I might get slated for this.. but it reminds me of a mixture of the Drums and Two Door Cinema Club if you get where I’m coming from?

Trophy Wife – Microlite

Part of the Oxford collective Blessing Force, which coincidentally features other includee Chad Valley, Trophy Wife make post-pop. It’s guitars with more house-style drums I guess. It sounds nice and tuneful.

Chad Valley – Ensoniq Funk

Carrying on the Oxford theme is ‘Tropicalia’ producer Chad Valley. Although he’s been lumped in with the chillwave scene, there’s less of a misty haze over his work – it’s more jazzy and danceable and less distorted. I guess this is what makes him the most likely chillwave artist to cross over into the mainstream.

oOoOO – Hearts

San Franciscan Christopher Dexter Greenspan has chosen possibly the stupidest name for his music venture ever. However, the material he’s putting out there is pretty good, first his soundscapeish Marina remix and now this, the first vocal track I’ve heard from him.

Millionyoung – Pilfer

Even though the basic tune sounds like something that your kid brother could have made in his room on Fruity Loops, there’s something enthralling about this track from Millionyoung which I can’t quite put my finger on.

Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters

This duo are the internet’s foremost purveyors of ‘dream-disco’, which is like soul music sampled into dance tracks, then everything is slowed down, and dragged out. That doesn’t sound particularly complimentary, but it does sound pretty good, like a more synthy, less brooding version of Jamie Woon.

How to Dress Well – Lover’s Start

This is like a conventional track but distorted a bit – the basic premise of chillwave right? Well, not quite, as rather than the dance/electronic/pop samples which we’re accustomed to hearing, this one features guitars. It’s an interesting idea, and it works fairly well, but does leave you questioning whether it might have sounded better without all the effects…



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