An unexpected twist on some familiar tracks

4 Jan

Stereogum are currently running an article detailing their 50 most downloaded mp3’s of 2010. I’ve only had time for a quick peruse, and I’ve grabbed three which really jumped out at me. Happily, they’ve all turned out to be pretty good. Oh yeah, they’re all cover versions.

Major Lazer & Elephant Man – Halo (Originally by Beyoncé)

Suprisingly melodic, I was half-expecting a dancehall version, although I couldn’t quite imagine one. Instead Major Lazer have delivered a beautifully melodic, bleep-free version of the Beyoncé original. Vocals from Elephant Man are deep and soulful. Not what I expected but a very good track indeed!

Vampire Weekend – Ruby Soho (Originally by Rancid)

The punk of Rancid is converted into something a whole lot more pleasant on the ears in one of Vampire Weekend’s better covers.

Hot Chip – She Wolf (Originally by Shakira)

As my homemade (would you believe it!?) illustration shows, this is something of a surprising cover. You probably didn’t really need me to tell you that, but what comes out of it is something surprisingly good and tuneful. I have to say the originally sounds more polished but with a little work and minus Alexis Taylor’s wailing, this could be quite a big track in it’s own right.


One Response to “An unexpected twist on some familiar tracks”

  1. Lucy January 12, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    you should check out ceo’s version of halo – major.

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