8 Jan

This enigmatic London group make something that sounds like a cross between two-step and indie-pop. It’s quite diverse sounding, there are bits which could have been written by Burial and others which sound like the Mystery Jets have penned them. The music sounds good, it’s almost above space and time (that sounds stupid I know), but it feels somewhat more separated, as if it’s there whether or not the listener is. It’s very abstract, and feels very organic and natural, I think that’s what I’m trying to say. It’s post something, I’m just not sure what. Post-indie maybe? I was wondering, in this age of post-dubstep, post-rock and post-everything-else, what post-indie would sound like. If this is it, it sounds pretty good.

Vondelpark – Jetlag

Vondelpark – California Analogue Dream

Wild Palms – Draw In Light (Vondelpark Remix)


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