What is this? Tropical pop!?

11 Jan

It’s getting to that time of the year where winters just dragging on, and all we can do is just pray for summer to come quicker. I have to say this has got worse since I came over to the UK. A New York winter ain’t got nothing on a London winter, that’s for sure. Anyway, here are some tracks that will make you long for the summer even more, so you can sit on the above beach (if you’re lucky!) and watch the world pass by to these…

Millionyoung – Weak Ends (ANR Remix)

This is just about chillwave, but ANR have taken some of the mellow out and replaced it with a bit of in-yer-face-ness. It sounds good.

Golden Ages – Africa (Toto)

This reminds me somewhat of Neon Indian who I featured before, but with a slightly more poppy aesthetic. Neon Indian for the radio?

The Miracles Club – A New Love

This is probably the most summery track of them all, five minutes of balearic bliss.

Chalices of the Past – 2 Rude

This one I think is 8-Bit, managing to sound a lot like Crystal Castles whilst also sounding simultaneously nothing like Crystal Castles..


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