We Haven’t Forgotten You Hip Hop!

14 Jan

Hip Hop isn’t a genre I dedicate a lot of my time to, I’d have to say my taste is for what some people might call Backpacker hip hop. I do like a bit occasionally, and I thought I’d share a few recent favourites here, they’re pretty cool I think. They all sound like 90’s rap anyway, I have to say I think the genre may be the only genre of music to have actually regressed since the nineties, a decade for which the less said the better adage is true.

MellowHype – Loco

What to say about this one. The Guardian described it as a meeting of Brian Eno and Wu-Tang. That sounds about right, but the lyrical content is enough to make even Wu-Tang flinch. Openly talking and joking about rape and crystal meth, these guys are being hotly tipped for the future anyway. One of them is 15 year old Earl Sweatshirt, whose recent video for Earl caused waves across the interwebs. Enough of the bad points however, this track contrary to it’s name is not Loco, it is in fact chilled stoner rap.

Shad – Rose Garden

UK readers should get onto iTunes for this one – they’re giving it away as their free single of the week, and it’s one of the best in ages. Finally an artist actually worth listening to. That artist is Shad, a Canadian rapper who has been compared to both Common and k-os. High praise indeed, but deserved without a doubt.

The Lytics – Big City Sound Girl

Emotional hip hop isn’t something that most people, myself included, are that familiar with. That’s not to say it’s not out there, just to say it’s not particularly prominent. However, this track from the Lytics sees four guys pouring their hearts out for a lost girl. If I was female, I might even describe such a track as ‘sweet’ or ‘cute’. Now that’s not something that can be often said of hip hop.

D-Sisive – I Love a Girl (GrizzlyBear Hijacked)

Following on from the last track is another example of thoughtful hip hop. This one’s really good, and has some great lines from D-Sisive. I’m not going to quote them because it always pisses me off when blogs do that, but listen and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


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