Some of my favourites

17 Jan

Ah man it’s actually sunny outside, the sky is blue. Such a lift, everything seems better in the sun, doesn’t it?
Now even though we’re all about promoting new music and all that kind of stuff there’s still some stuff from years gone by that I still listen to. Sometimes, when you’re in a good mood (like I am now) or when you’re in a bad mood you just want to listen to a familiar track, and the tracks I’m sharing today fall into that category – the track I’ve never stopped listening to. This is by no means all of them, just  a selection for today

The Drums – Forever and Ever Amen (St Etienne Remix)

I posted the original of this a little while back, and I remember saying it was good but you just couldn’t compare it to this remix. Well here is this remix, and I’m sure if you give it a play you’ll see exactly what I mean. It’s blissful, relaxed and it just sounds so good, it’s difficult to put into words exactly what I like about it but I especially like the way the vocals almost lay into the track, the structure and everything is just spot on.

The Strokes – Heart In a Cage

I remember the first time I heard Reptilia, it instantly became pretty much my favourite song ever, no way did I think anyone, not even The Strokes, could come close to it’s peak. Then I heard this, some while later and I had to change my mind, it’s probably not quite as good as Reptilia (that riff!) but even so, it’s an amazing track. I really like Julian Casablancas vocals in this, and I know that’s the vogue thing to say because NME and everyone else says it, but listen to this and you can’t tell me he isn’t good.

Foals – Two Steps, Twice

If you regularly read you’ll probably realise I’m something of a sucker for the math-rock of Foals. This is one of their most under-rated tracks, everyone loves Hummer or Balloons or Cassius but this one is something of a hidden gem. It fits their normal structure of fiddly guitars, quick drums and frenetic vocals, but it’s built almost like a dance track, with a buildup leading to a drop. I think more conventional guitar bands should do that – because as you can see here – it sounds pretty damn good!

Justice vs Simian – We Are Your Friends

The track that first introduces you to someone as good as Justice is always going to be special, and for me it was this. Even from the opening three notes, the listener is hooked. This is quite simply one of the best tracks of it’s genre from maybe in a long time. It’s slightly different to normal Justice stuff, the contrast of the slightly raspy vocals and the bass and the piano are something completely different to the normal dark, almost neo-classical hard synth based music they produce. A part of me, despite how good their other stuff is, wishes for more like this…


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