In Search of Elusive Little Comets

19 Jan

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-release copy of Little Comets debut In Search of Elusive Little Comets – entirely legitimately too! Before I tell you about it however, I feel I should tell you a little bit about Little Comets, because it feels like this should be their second or third album, rather than their first!

My first encounter with the Sunderland four piece was two or three years ago, when I came across a Facebook group bemoaning their lack of a deal. After that I got my hands on a copy of their track Friday Don’t Need It (coincidentally, one of my sisters favourite songs). The self-generated hype seemed to be pretty deserved, and I myself joined the group asking why on earth they hadn’t got a record label. Well, it’s hard to stay as the biggest act in the indie underground for long and eventually Columbia signed them up. By this time they’d slipped down the pecking order somewhat with no new material and no album releases expected. Later on it conspired that they’d fallen out with the label over various creative issues and been dropped. Fans were left wondering if this band of such great promise were going to follow the sadly over-trodden path of indie to oblivion. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel with the band signing to independent label Dirty Hit. We have now eventually got their debut album here!

Little Comets – Joanna

After the plotted history I better talk about the album itself. This mix of slower piano, almost balladesque anthems combined with more upbeat, traditional indie guitar rock is better than any debut has the right to be. Clever wordplay fits comfortably over an array of catchy tunes and good strong beats. Comparisons with the likes of Compromise favourites Good Shoes, Franz Ferdinand and Bombay Bicycle Club are obvious but valid. It also stretches wider than that however – at moments it sounds like Foals or Vampire Weekend and at others it stretches to the territory occupied by the likes of Glasvegas, which isn’t surprising considering MGMT & Glasvegas producer Rich Costey is behind this one too. Fortunately the Foals et al moments are more present than the Glasvegas, because it’s the fast, frenetic indie rock of this type which Little Comets specialise in.

In the Soundcloud player above is Joanna, one of their best known tracks. Give it a play and you’ll get a feel for what Little Comets are all about. The album drops on the 31st of January, and is accompanied by a nationwide tour. These guys are meant to be pretty good live, although I haven’t yet seen them myself. More info on that here. Unfortunately I can’t stream the whole album here, but if you do buy it, or stream it on Facebook (from 17th Jan onwards), be sure to look out for Dancing Song and Adultery, as well as Joanna, which you can check out above. For a bonus I’ve stuck a special acapella version below as well. Enjoy and make sure you put January the 31st into your diaries!

Little Comets – Joannacapella


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