Benjamin Francis Leftwich

20 Jan

Mud Hut Digital’s Soundcloud is rapidly becoming my go-to place for new music. First Little Comets, now Benjamin Francis Leftwich – who will be known as BFL for this article. Don’t worry if you’re thinking ‘who!?’ because until about half an hour ago, so was I. Now this isn’t really my usual type of thing. I mean folk, really? It’s boring just some guy with a slightly-annoying voice and a guitar. However, I might have to reasses those beliefs – I do like some folk, anyway – now I’ve come across BFL.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures

But what sets this one out from the crowd? Firstly has got to be his voice – it’s softer and gentler than an Andrex puppy. If you can imagine an English Mike Posner without the electro you’re getting there. Now replace what most folk guitars sound like with a much more afro-tinged sound – it’s far higher notes, I’m no expert but I’d say this is from the same territory that Vampire Weekend and Foals normally stomp. So that’s what it is… Mike Posner meets Vampire Weekend with wordplay upto the standard of Bon Iver all put through a folk filter with the drums taken out? Sorta yes, but it’s got it’s own unique sound – it’s quite unlike anything I’ve heard despite the aforementioned similarities. My only criticism is the somewhat abrupt ending it has, but given time these things can be fixed. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this guy.


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