21 Jan

These tracks are a bit nearer to our normal modus operandi than some of the stuff we’ve been posting lately.

Trophy Wife – The Quiet Earth

The release of a new Trophy Wife single is undoubtedly a cause for celebration. This is quite a big accolade for a band who were pretty much unknown this time last year. The Quiet Earth goes some way to showing why things are how they are however, it follows where the superlative Microlite leads.

Trophy Wife – The Quiet Earth (James Yuill Remix)

A surprising delight on the single release is this remix from James Yuill, who I’d previously associated with a folky/americana type sound – which isn’t really ‘my thing’. However, in this track, which may even be better than the original, he’s produced a sophisticated, electronic version of the original. Often electronic remixes lose a lot of the soul of the song by adding too many hard synths and losing the textures and melodies which really hold the song together, but Yuill’s background in folk has ensured that hasn’t happened here..

Empress – Captain (James Yuill Remix)

Further remix has shown that James Yuill is in fact quite an extensive remixer and a quite accomplished one at that. I have to say I haven’t heard the original of this but this new version has something which is quite hard to describe – it’s almost as if the higher notes are playing a tune of their own separate to the main body of the track, as they sparkle over it? No, it doesn’t make much sense but I think you’ll see what I mean when you listen.. At least I hope so.

Sparkadia – Mary

A new artist to introduce here is Sparkadia. When listening to this track, Oh Land’s Sun of a Gun was brought to mind, with soft pianos followed by arching guitars. It’s hard to categorise this one, it’s part glam rock, part ballad and part something a whole lot more sensible. It has an air of the Scissor Sisters but at the same time an air of Kasabian. I think this very unique sound is likely to see these Australians really make it big with their second album, The Great Impression.

Bon Iver – Flume (Lanny May Remix)

Bon Iver is one of those artist’s for whom I much prefer remixes of work by them to their originals – sorry man! I find a lot of the stuff he does normally a bit bare, plain if I’m allowed to say that. Remixes that add a beat and another tune in I feel take Bon Iver to the level where he really belongs. I know that part of his charm is the rawness, the lack of production but more extensive production brings out the best bits I think!


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