Night Time

21 Jan

This has been written and re-written three or four times now. I’m still not sure what the overall focus is.. it’s somewhere around soul, it’s somewhere around bass. I guess just sit back and enjoy.. and if you manage to get a good amp put these on with the bass full.

Gil Scott-Heron – Me and the Devil

This is my personal favourite of I’m New Here, it has brilliant darkness through the track, it really is haunting, and if you watch the superb video that becomes even more apparent. I’m especially looking forward to hearing what Jamie xx makes of this on the upcoming album because it is already dark and menacing something he normally does to tracks, so I expect him to take this one even further leftfield, and I think that would be really special.

Gil Scott-Heron – Whitey On The Moon (Hendy Remix)

Would you want to whitey on the moon? I’m not sure man, it’s pretty cold up there but being stoned on the moon would be something else entirely. This would definitely have to soundtrack it. Really good remix from New Jersey’s Hendy, I like the way the instrumental gives the track a new energy without over imposing itself onto it.

Gil Scott Heron – Your Soul and Mine (Cole Black’s Levitation Edit)

I’m not sure where the levitation comes in but this six minute epic remix from Cole Black isn’t short on atmospheres. Dark and brooding, the serious topic of the song fits in well with the dark beat, when I listen to this it almost feels like watching the news with a highly sinister overtone. I’m surprised by the lack of attention this one’s received, I really am.

Gil Scott Heron – Paint It Black (N.Y.A.K. Remix)

This is starting to turn into something of a Gil Scott-Heron post but good tracks keep coming up. This one takes a slightly different tact to the previous two remixes, which try and take the music in a really dark direction. This one’s somewhat mellower and almost seems to have jazz influences. The production is very professional sounding, which is somewhat surprising when looking at the names of some of the other songs on N.Y.A.K.’s Soundcloud.

Joy Orbison – Ladywell

Word on the street is that this is a remix of an Usher track, that doesn’t seem quite credible to me, but truth be told it could be almost anything underneath. It’s about as far from Usher as imaginable I must say. Oh no, I think it is an Usher remix as I listen to it, there’s something about Burning… either way, this remix is interesting, it’s a real mix of genres, with a bassline sounding like it belongs in disco house contrasted with a general post-soul atmosphere.

Squarehead – On The Line (Checan’s Neck On It Remix)

You may remember me sharing Checan’s debut single a little while back. Since then he’s been back in the studio and produced this garage remix of On The Line, it’s got some inevitable bleeps and frenetic drums but what I really like is the cleverly interwoven melody, sounds like violins to me, it gives this a laid back vibe if you listen deeply.

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops!

I’m not entirely sure what this is in terms of remix etc, but it’s the closest thing I’ve found to Jai Paul which is a big compliment indeed. This one’s comfortably the most upbeat one on this post – I was originally going to put it in a post about dancing.. However, there is some shared territory which is what this marks this out from the other slightly suspect pop songs that have similarly odd subject matter to this one…


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