Slow Down

22 Jan

Today I’ve got a couple of reworkings and one original. I think they all ‘boost’ the original – James Blake becomes fuller, Fleet Foxes get a better drum beat and James Vincent McMorrow becomes slow and super-chilled, much like a can kept in a fridge for too long. Oh yeah, there’s also a lovely classy joint from Raphael Saadiq. Listen and enjoy..

James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Freemun Remix)

Music has now got to the stage where covers are getting remixed. That probably says a lot about us as a peoples. However, I don’t want to take away from this remix, which is better than many original tracks – looking straight down my nose at Kings of Leon here – it does improve on a cover which improved on an original.. so it’s a good thing! I know the spaces are what made Limit To My Love but I feel they’ve been missfilled with pure wobbly bass, something warmer was needed, and Freemun has gone some way to rectifying that in this reworking.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (Boxed Riot Remix)

The perfect soundtrack to a January walk on the beach. The only problem is that the nearest beach to me is the pebbles of Brighton, when something in the Florida Keys would be a whole lot better! I guess I’ll have to make do with listening to this one as I stroll down the banks of the Thames or something like that…

James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had a Boat (Dom Bird Remix)

Irish folk boy James Vincent McMorrow is transformed into a blissful balearic sounding remix by Australian Dom Bird here. It’s almost unrecognisable from the original, it’s almost like what Burial does to a track except with a more house-like feel. Dom Bird’s coming out of Brisbane, I bet this sounds good in the summer sunshine which they’re receiving over there now.

Raphael Saadiq – Good Man

I love the production on this one, it sounds like something straight out of the sixties. While the vocals aren’t quite as powerful as the likes of Louis Armstrong, the whole driving round Southern France in a beautiful convertible image is still one that this gives off. I can imagine Sean Connery in his Bond days doing his thing to this one..


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