Events and Happenings and Such forth

23 Jan

Quite a lot of big stuff has happened in my life over the past few days, I feel like the axis of the world have tilted a few degrees. Some stuff’s good, and some’s bad – although none of the bad stuff’s really happened to me, it’s more to friends-of-friends and what not but I have to say I’m still adapting. Now you’re here for the music not to enter my inner sanctum so I don’t really know why I’m sharing but I suppose it gives some content to these songs.. The world feels different to me but not in a particularly better or worse way.. So I suppose you better bare that in mind when you listen to the following.

Bikini – American Mourning

This track’s really grown on me in the couple of weeks I’ve had it for. It’s gone from being another chillwave track to being something really quite special, I really like the tune, I think this is really clever, it’s almost dance music but at the same time there are a lot of elements you’d expect to see in your bog-standard indie track. It follows a path made by the likes of Passion Pit, who have never really been a favourite of mine, but I do think this is really good.

Conner Youngblood – Neon Flicker

I got this track a couple of months ago, but I’ve been listening to it quite a lot because I think it shares quite a lot with the track above. I normally abhor auto-tune in pretty much all it’s uses – my worst nightmare is Black Eyed Peas/Eminem combo dubstep remix actually (thank God it hasn’t happened yet) but in this case it sounds good. I can’t quite put my finger on why but it’s almost used like an instrument rather than a voice and I like that.

Sports – To Catch a Thief

There’s a good contrast between the riff that’s repeated at various times throughout the track and the rest of the track. It almost feels as though it shouldn’t be there, the notes are at a contrast to the body of the work and it really shouldn’t work but it does. This one’s lazy and kind of sums up my mood to working right now. It feels like there’s optimism deep in the bowels of this track but it’s struggling to break through a hazy layer of tiredness, and sadness..

Rollerskaters – Boyhood

There’s a lot of surfer-rock out there at the moment and Brooklyn’s Rollerskaters are very much in that trend, although they insist that they make pop. It’s funny that a group of New Yorkers are behind this, because to me this absolutely sounds like the work of some Californians – everything from the perky bassline that carries the track to the ever optimistic sounding vocals. This is a real sound-a-like to The Drums, and I really like it. They’ve only got three tracks so far but I’m tipping these guys for big things.

Rollerskaters – Sleep Tight

After I went onto Soundcloud to find the above track I also heard this one, Sleep Tight, for the first time. This is surf-pop for the night time, and sounds more like someone like La Femme than The Drums – it stays within the genre but moves to a different area of it, which I think says a lot about the band. I think I prefer this one personally.


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