French Touch

31 Jan

French house is the best house. Without a doubt. I’m not going to talk about each track individually because, in essence, they are the same. Reworking of 70s/80s disco tracks, filtered to hell and back. These are some of my favourite tracks from the genre of late. It’s hard to separate the good from the bad – but I think everything depends on the quality of the sample used – more upbeat stuff seems to work better in my experience. Also – the repetition! I’ve trawled through Soundcloud and seriously, some people have no imagination whatsoever! You can’t play the same noise for 5 minutes non-stop, who would dance to that! Anyway, here are some that aren’t repetitive and do use good samples – wahoo!

Tomiles – Let’s All Dance

Yella Finesse – Back To The Dancefloor

Yella Finesse – It Must Be Love

DeeJMD – Sweetness

Jellynut – Happiness


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