Can I get another remix post?

1 Feb

As, hopefully you’ve noticed, I like to have some sort of theme running through my posts, and so today I was like right I’ll do a remixes one. Then it transpired like 50% of the stuff I’ve been posting is remixes sooo… not sure where to come in on that one. It is, nominally at least, todays theme..

Nastynasty – The Reef (Slugabed Remix)

This is way-out-west of my normal taste. Man it’s even verging on dubstep, and everyone knows I hate dubstep, with a passion. So I don’t know what I like about it.. To me, it feels much more crafted than a ‘dubstep’ track – and the bass is deep and squelchy rather than raw and grinding.. Listen to it and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. It’s much more in the Hudson Mohawke-Jai Paul crowd than the Rusko-Borgore side.

RJD2 – The Glow (Paolo Remix)

Sticking with the bass is the winner of a remix competition indie/hip hop producer RJD2 recently ran. This track adds in a lovely wobbly bassline to really give the song another dimension, it feels quite funky.

Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Fever Ray seems to be such an enigmatic artist to me. I have to admit, I really just don’t get ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. This remix from Fuck Buttons has re-packaged into something far more to my taste.

Geisha Twins – Love Situation (Coeur d’amour Touch)

More French house, it’s gone from being a quite seminal part of my taste to almost dominating the house side of what I listen to.  Kitsuné are releasing a new album at the end of February, promising the new age of French touch. If it’s anything like this, then my breath is very much baited.


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