The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness

9 Feb

Getting baked and listening to The Strokes is a pretty unique experience. I’d recommend it to anyone – Specially if you’e Californian – you can’t even get busted. What makes that experience even better is when it’s new Strokes. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, as of now, the first single from Angels, the first album in five years, is available! And as Annie Mac said, “the new Strokes is as good as I wanted it to be..”

The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness

I’m trying to work out how to purvey it to you. One person commented to me that it sounds like The Strokes, and it does – it sounds like First Impressions of the Earth stuff – and it would have been one of the better tracks on that album, even if it doesn’t quite reach the hights of Heart In a Cage. It has what you’d come to expect from a good Strokes songs though really, distinctive, lazy but powerful singing that only Julian Casablancas can provide. It’s got the whiny, slightly lo-fi guitars, it’s got the awesome beats, it’s got all of what we’ve known and come to love as The Strokes. So it’s more of the same then, and I for one can say I’m not disappointed by that one bit!


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