Hippidy Hoppidy

14 Feb

Hip Hop time again, it’s been a good while since I last did a post on it, so here we are once more. When do you listen to hip-hop? Because I was thinking about this, and I actually don’t know when I do. If at all? I also think hip-hop is too broader reference point – there is a distinct lack of similarity between these songs. But without further ado, here they are…

Common Citizens – Unemployed In Summertime (Featuring Emiliana Torrini)

I’ve got this theory that all good new hip-hop is Canadian, and that’s furthered by Common Citizens… Like their compatriots, this has something of an old-school feel, the Emiliana Torrini sample is pretty cool, and it’s a nice slow jam, it’s not all just shouting about how much money you’ve got (I’m looking at Lil Wayne here, not stereotyping!) Anyway.. if you must use rap to brag, there’s ways to do it and ways not to. Our next track shows how it’s done…

The Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door

Yes, it is, of course, Biggie. For a Brooklyn native, I’m not really into Biggie.. I have like two tracks in total, so I’m not sure how qualified I would be to say this is his best track, but I’m going to say it anyway! I think what really sets this one apart is it’s production, it reminded me of Still Dre at first, and as it get going you can see how well Biggie fits it.. A match made in heaven.

FunkyDL – Can’t Keep Lying (Featuring Ricko Capit)

As you’ve probably figured by now, the most important thing for me is the production, hence why this FunkyDL track hits the spot with me.. Amy Winehouse is verging on Soul, and Soul always seems to work. I don’t mean to take away from the lyrics though, they are good too… but I feel like the sample really makes this what it is.

Incise – Rising (Redux) [Featuring Tunji]

Probably the best production of all, although the chorus is a bit of a let down.. and once again, it’s a Canadian responsible – although it seems to be very popular in Japan.. I’m not quite sure what that suggests…

CurT@!n$ – Kings of Dope (Featuring Lykke Li)

Okay, so he writes his name like a little kid and makes songs called ‘Kings of Dope’… But no, he’s not some half-assed gangster wannabe from the suburbs – well, he may be, but what he makes sounds more like Kid Cudi than any member of the Young Money brigade. I say that because I listened to half this song thinking it was Cudi… now that could just be me being stupid, but even so, you get the idea.


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