Sit Back, Relax

15 Feb

I actually wrote this last night, well for me now, but last night for you. I really feel like I’m on a voyage of discovery. Or maybe something far less grand than that, but all sorts of stuff is coming in. Almost went agony aunt on your asses there! Anyway, among the fairly ancient history and super continents were one or two rather awesome tracks, which I will now proceed to point you towards. Oh yeah, and the theme of this post… they’re all super blissed out!

Sigur Rós – Sæglópur (SpWN Remix)

Sæglópur apparently means ‘lost at sea’, and that is certainly something I can see in this track. I have to admit that I’ve allowed Sigur Rós to pass me by somewhat, so I can’t tell you to what extent this differs from the original. I certainly this that SpWN is doing himself a disservice by labelling this one as dubstep though – it’s much more mature and sophisticated, like Jamie Woon et al. I think we need a word for this, the thinking mans dubstep. The only common factor really seems to be the deep bass, it’s probably more like the dub from which it originated. Please leave suggestions below. For the moment, I’m going with Dub-hop.

Flux Pavillion – Got 2 Know

Having just slagged off dubstep, why not post some? Sure. In breaking with the chilled out theme, here’s literally the best conventional dubstep track I’ve heard in a long long time, perhaps ever. Not only is it bareable, it’s actually pretty damned good. I’m somewhat bowled over, it’s a concept I’d pretty much condemned to non-existance. Hats of to Flux Pavillion for producing this track, I suppose fans might call it a banger? Well there you are, my first ever dubstep banger!

Emiliana Torrini – Fireheads (Bypass Remix)

The second Icelander here in a matter of minutes! Maybe I should insert a joke about Iceland being chilly and what not? I’ll avoid that… Emiliana Torrini though! Wow, she’s got another track in this post, she had one in the post from earlier as well, I’m really growing to love her music… it really is one of a kind…but what else would you expect from an Italian Icelander?

Thievery Corporation – Until The Morning (Featuring Emiliana Torrini)

I was listening to this waiting for the rapping to start, but it never happened… I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. It’s definitely got a nice relaxed feel, but in the hands of the right person I think this could sound pretty good!

Thievery Corporation – Coming From The Top

Having come across Thievery Corporation via Emiliana Torrini, I decided to check them out further, and out popped this… I’d definitely heard this one before, I have no idea where though. The trumpets are what really make this song – I’m surprised it’s not been sampled somewhere I’ve got to say! I’d also like to place my disappointment that they have banned this from being hosted on Soundcloud. No-one wins…

Seven Saturdays – Au Revoir (MemoryHouse Remix)

This rather splendid remix of Seven Saturdays comes from lo-fi rockers Memoryhouse, which you can definitely hear elements of hear. To me, it sounds more like post-rock though. Head over to Seven Saturdays Bandcamp to get this for the price of your email address.


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