Dark Is The Night

17 Feb

I don’t know quite what I want to say in introduction to this post, but it just doesn’t look right without at least a couple of lines before the music starts. Today’s post is left-field, in the post-dubstep, post-garage type of spectrum, dark and brooding, just how I like it on a long dark night like today.

Nerves – Seams (Rabby Shankir Remix)

I got sent this one on Facebook by Nerves who said they thought I’d like it. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. It sounds to me almost like Burial remxing the xx. I don’t think that’s happened yet? It’s dark and brooding, and menacing, and there’s a great bit of bass in the middle. Make sure you drop by Nerves Myspace if you get a chance.

Jamie xx – Newsnight Theme Reshuffle

Everything Jamie xx touches turns to gold. Yep. Even the Newsnight theme. It wasn’t bad to start with but this is an interesting twist on it… I’ve got no idea how or why this happened but it would be great to hear an extended version at some point…

Destiny’s Child – Bills Bills Bills (James Blake Refix)

From one favourite of ours to another. This time it’s James Blake with this remix of Destiny’s Child. It’s pretty much unrecognisable from the original but the typical Blakean synths and wobbly bass are there so I for one am happy.

Jacques Greene – The Look (Koreless Remix)

I’m pleased to take you from one current favourite to someone who I think will become a future favourite. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Koreless, a Glaswegian in a similar vain to Jamie xx. From this remix of Jacques Greene, I’m left expecting big things from this newcomer.

Microtrauma – Contrast (Max Cooper)

Max Cooper has for a while been a remixer who doesn’t have one established sound.. Which I think can be a strength or a weakness. However, with this remix of Microtrauma it appears he’s focusing his energies on the dub sound found on his remix of Au Revoir Simone, and a jolly good thing that is indeed!


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