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They call me the curator…

7 Feb

That’s right, none of this is down to me, it usually is, but these tracks have all found their way to me via other people’s help – i.e. they aren’t available for download anywhere. So thanks to AlexDaftPunk91, VarianceJD and Ollie Macfarlane for these! Also cheers to Michael Padilla for the Young Empires recommendation. Thanks over, here’s the music. Also notice how I didn’t use the ‘thanks for the music’ title, I want you to remember that!

Coeur d’amour – Feel The Rocket

I found this one on Youtube and trust me, it’s nowhere to be found. Shame, as it’s super-duper awesome French House. The guy himself even has a Soundcloud yet hasn’t uploaded this track, which is a tad mystifying as it’s his best by a long way.

Maxwell D – Gone Away (Jamie xx Remix)

I actually cannot get enough of Jamie xx’s work at the moment, everything he’s doing is so good. The style of his remixing has become a little less abstract, it’s kept all the good features but has become that bit more refined from the early days, and you’ve gotta hand it to him, it’s pretty awesome.

Jamie xx – Far Nearer (Ollie Macfarlane Edit)

I said I had a thing about Jamie xx didn’t I!? This is a great remix from Bristolian Ollie Macfarlane.. the originals pretty good (Jamie xx made it, duh) but he’s actually made it even better, this feels like a family-friendly take on garage! And whats more, it’s a grower, so check it out and hit him up on Soundcloud for more garage goodness..

Young Empires – Glory of the Night

You have to hand two things to these guys. Firstly, they know how to choose a clichéd sounding track name. Secondly, they sure as hell know how to write a good electro/indie/rock crossover track. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys, only seems to be demos at the moment although they do feature on a Kitsuné compilation…


Get Down Get Down

2 Feb

Shake that ‘booty’, clap your hands, wiggle those hips – do whatever it is when you’re dancing. If you wanna do it well, do the opposite of me! I’ll stick firmly behind the decks. Anyway, here are a few tracks you might wanna get down and funky to. Alternatively, you could just sit and nod your head – probably a better choice, all told.

Kim Josh Ill – New Disco Deux

Kim Jong Ill – the only person you’d like to get hold of nuclear weapons less than Sarah Palin. Kim Josh Ill – the only person you’d like to get their hands on your parents disco collection more than Étienne de Crécy. Learn that difference – it could be important! This track, New Disco Deux is set to do big things. So keep your eyes out for this new up-and-coming producer.

Ashton Edit – Somebody

I came accross this guy on a trawl of Soundcloud, and found that I really liked his filter/french house sound. Have to say I hadn’t heard of him, but I think he’ll be someone we’ll all here a great deal more of in the future. This has more of an eighties feel than a lot of stuff I listen to but I think it would really go off. Great tune!

Dominic DeCocco – Love Festival

I wouldn’t usually expect to find a Disco House producer going by the Italinate name of Dominic DeCocco deep in the heart of middle England, but I have – well he found me, with a track in my dropbox actually – but it’s a good find, a nice bout of the very cool Love Festival to blow away the cobwebs on your flares and disco boots.

The Streets – Came In Through The Door (Featuring Kano)

The Streets new mixtape, Cyberspace and Reds has, as one Facebook friend put it, ‘pissed all over the last two albums’. He is, on the whole, right. This is a standout track, with Kano, with a big fat wobbly bassline in the background and typical Streets-synths. I wasn’t mourning his demise as much as some fans admitedly, but after hearing this, I am to quite a large extent.

And that’s that. Enjoy! And fear not, I will post some more conventional indie soon!

Can I get another remix post?

1 Feb

As, hopefully you’ve noticed, I like to have some sort of theme running through my posts, and so today I was like right I’ll do a remixes one. Then it transpired like 50% of the stuff I’ve been posting is remixes sooo… not sure where to come in on that one. It is, nominally at least, todays theme..

Nastynasty – The Reef (Slugabed Remix)

This is way-out-west of my normal taste. Man it’s even verging on dubstep, and everyone knows I hate dubstep, with a passion. So I don’t know what I like about it.. To me, it feels much more crafted than a ‘dubstep’ track – and the bass is deep and squelchy rather than raw and grinding.. Listen to it and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. It’s much more in the Hudson Mohawke-Jai Paul crowd than the Rusko-Borgore side.

RJD2 – The Glow (Paolo Remix)

Sticking with the bass is the winner of a remix competition indie/hip hop producer RJD2 recently ran. This track adds in a lovely wobbly bassline to really give the song another dimension, it feels quite funky.

Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Fever Ray seems to be such an enigmatic artist to me. I have to admit, I really just don’t get ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. This remix from Fuck Buttons has re-packaged into something far more to my taste.

Geisha Twins – Love Situation (Coeur d’amour Touch)

More French house, it’s gone from being a quite seminal part of my taste to almost dominating the house side of what I listen to.  Kitsuné are releasing a new album at the end of February, promising the new age of French touch. If it’s anything like this, then my breath is very much baited.

French Touch

31 Jan

French house is the best house. Without a doubt. I’m not going to talk about each track individually because, in essence, they are the same. Reworking of 70s/80s disco tracks, filtered to hell and back. These are some of my favourite tracks from the genre of late. It’s hard to separate the good from the bad – but I think everything depends on the quality of the sample used – more upbeat stuff seems to work better in my experience. Also – the repetition! I’ve trawled through Soundcloud and seriously, some people have no imagination whatsoever! You can’t play the same noise for 5 minutes non-stop, who would dance to that! Anyway, here are some that aren’t repetitive and do use good samples – wahoo!

Tomiles – Let’s All Dance

Yella Finesse – Back To The Dancefloor

Yella Finesse – It Must Be Love

DeeJMD – Sweetness

Jellynut – Happiness