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28 Jan

Mid Semester tests finally finished yesterday, after a month or so of hard work. So, freedom ensues. A huge weight off my shoulders, it really is. Well, that’s given me time to procrastinate, as you can imagine, and here’s how I spent some of that time…

Pyramid – Solar

Pyramid is a young French producer, best known for his remix of Air, which I featured a couple of weeks back. Apart from some confusion about his genre (French errors from me!) it went down rather well. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and he sent me this, his latest tune.

VanGuard – Loving Someone Else

I think this one’s going to down the Fake Blood route and become the next French House tune to really penetrate the charts. I don’t know what the sample is but it sounds a bit like Say Say Say by Michael Jackson. This one sounds pretty good from the word go and to be honest it didn’t quite breakout into something as good as I expected. It’s still pretty good though, don’t get me wrong.

Thomas Bangalter & Falcon – So Much Love To Give

You should know that Thomas Bangalter is one half of Daft Punk, but he’s also done some pretty awesome solo work, which you might not be aware of. His remix of DJ Mehdi is my favourite but I recently rediscovered this golden nugget from the early noughties. I guess you could say it’s a bit long at ten minutes but nonetheless it’s a great track.

Johnny Cash – Hurt (Nico Pusch Remix)

I’m really getting into a lot of tracks like this at the moment – tracks which break the holy commandments of music. There are certain legends who really shouldn’t be remixed. It takes real audacity to tackle a work of theirs – because it’s so hard to improve on them. However, Nico Pusch has just taken Johnny Cash of that list – he’s still a legend, but clearly, he can be remixed.

Elvis Presley – Fever

Obviously Elvis was way way before my time, and actually even before my parents time. Not that he was tremendously popular in Yugoslavia anyway! But despite that I’d heard this countless times, and yes I like it, but I’d never really bothered to get it. Well I’ve just rectified that and here’s your chance now…



26 Jan

First post for me, so purely an experimental thing until I find my feet. Just thought I’d give you a little introduction to my kind of music. It’s varied, and I’ll do specific posts, but for now, here are 5 songs that were in my head at the time of writing.

New Order – Age of Consent

This New Order track is a prime example of a song that is nice to listen to. Well made, simple, but effective. Personally, I prefer Joy Division, but for now I felt it’d be better to start off with an easy one.

Sigur Rós – Samskeyti

For me this song is just so beautiful. I do prefer the live version from their DVD/Documentary ‘Heima’ but as it is here, it is still just an incredibly beautiful piece of music. Sigur Rós are a band that hail from Iceland, and if somehow you don’t know about them, get on it. Now. Seriously.

James Blake – I Never Learnt To Share

On the other end of the spectrum, we have James Blake, a.k.a Harmonimix. Here we see how Blake has quite an impressive singing voice and can layer his vocals to have a haunting effect. In an odd way it reminds me of ‘Woods’ by Bon Iver, purely in the way the layered vocals build. The drops James Blake creates are quite something, and the end of this song makes me desperately want to see him DJ, as all speakers I own cannot quite do this justice.

Au Revoir Simone – Take Me As I Am (Max Cooper Edit)

I’ll admit I do not know much about Au Revoir Simone, or Max Cooper for that matter, but this is a match made in heaven. The deep resonating bass can really be felt right through you, and it still turns out to somehow be quite a mellow listen. I’ll be browsing through Max Coopers back catalogue and posting anything that reaches this level.

David Bowie – Rock & Roll Suicide

Not much needs to be said about this track. Lyrically and musically, it is effectively a ‘pop’ masterpiece. I’ll admit that I am a little obsessed with most of his tracks, but it is hard not to be. Blame my father, who wishes he was David Bowie.

That is all from me for now. Next time I’ll have some sort of theme, but for now, hope you enjoyed it.


Golden Oldie : Melanie

3 Oct

This is way before my time, and probably before most of my readers were born. Coming from Melanie‘s 1972 album, Garden In The City, it may already be familiar to contemporary audiences as the excellent sample in Hilltop Hoods backpacker hip hop classic Nosebleed Section (Highly Recommended!).

However, I think it’s about time to give this song it’s own platform. It’s fairly obscure, but it could have been one of the biggest tracks of it’s era, with it’s soulful vocals, and it’s strongest feature – the fantastic tune, which will have you whistling along in no time. It’s innocent and happy for me, it says the start of Spring, I don’t quite know why but the high pitched squeaks just picture the early morning sun rise on a fresh spring morning for me, cliched as that is. I don’t possess the vocabulary to properly do this track justice, so have a listen below.

Melanie – People In The Front Row