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Hello world!

20 Sep

Hello people and welcome to Compromise Music. This is my blog and I aim basically to bring you the best new stuff in music, with some fashion, design and other arts/culture stuff stuck in there for good measure. There isn’t an awful lot to say but if you want to know what to expect, check out my posts at Vacay Vitamins or Feral Party Kids for an idea. I’m also going to be getting in a couple of guest writers – if you are interested in it, contact me!

Our main aims here are to bring good music to the masses, and for that I need you, the musicians, to contact me with your new stuff – you can do that here – We also want to get listed on blog aggregators like the Hype Machine & Elbows as soon as possible to help bring our stuff to the broadest horizons. Please subscribe comment and do everything else you would with blogging.