Greetings Loved One’s

28 Feb

Hey there.. Best to start with a big apology for my absence for the last week. I’ve been throwing myself all over the slopes of Northern Italy, having a great time. Back to London now, and I got back to this rather special treat sat in my inbox. That treat was the publication of a podcast I’d helped to put together for Mud Hut Digital, featuring my best free mp3’s of the moment.

You can listen, and download the podcast here:

Mud Hut Music Podcast 017 – Compromise Music Mixtape

And this is the tracklisting:

1) Diamond Rings – Wait & See
2) Bikini – American Mourning
3) Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Das Kapital Re-rub)
4) Dom – Living In America
5) Rollerskaters – Sleep Tight
6) The Drums – Forever and Ever Amen (St Etienne Remix)
7) Trophy Wife – The Quiet Earth (James Yuill Remix)


Dark Is The Night

17 Feb

I don’t know quite what I want to say in introduction to this post, but it just doesn’t look right without at least a couple of lines before the music starts. Today’s post is left-field, in the post-dubstep, post-garage type of spectrum, dark and brooding, just how I like it on a long dark night like today.

Nerves – Seams (Rabby Shankir Remix)

I got sent this one on Facebook by Nerves who said they thought I’d like it. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. It sounds to me almost like Burial remxing the xx. I don’t think that’s happened yet? It’s dark and brooding, and menacing, and there’s a great bit of bass in the middle. Make sure you drop by Nerves Myspace if you get a chance.

Jamie xx – Newsnight Theme Reshuffle

Everything Jamie xx touches turns to gold. Yep. Even the Newsnight theme. It wasn’t bad to start with but this is an interesting twist on it… I’ve got no idea how or why this happened but it would be great to hear an extended version at some point…

Destiny’s Child – Bills Bills Bills (James Blake Refix)

From one favourite of ours to another. This time it’s James Blake with this remix of Destiny’s Child. It’s pretty much unrecognisable from the original but the typical Blakean synths and wobbly bass are there so I for one am happy.

Jacques Greene – The Look (Koreless Remix)

I’m pleased to take you from one current favourite to someone who I think will become a future favourite. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Koreless, a Glaswegian in a similar vain to Jamie xx. From this remix of Jacques Greene, I’m left expecting big things from this newcomer.

Microtrauma – Contrast (Max Cooper)

Max Cooper has for a while been a remixer who doesn’t have one established sound.. Which I think can be a strength or a weakness. However, with this remix of Microtrauma it appears he’s focusing his energies on the dub sound found on his remix of Au Revoir Simone, and a jolly good thing that is indeed!

Sit Back, Relax

15 Feb

I actually wrote this last night, well for me now, but last night for you. I really feel like I’m on a voyage of discovery. Or maybe something far less grand than that, but all sorts of stuff is coming in. Almost went agony aunt on your asses there! Anyway, among the fairly ancient history and super continents were one or two rather awesome tracks, which I will now proceed to point you towards. Oh yeah, and the theme of this post… they’re all super blissed out!

Sigur Rós – Sæglópur (SpWN Remix)

Sæglópur apparently means ‘lost at sea’, and that is certainly something I can see in this track. I have to admit that I’ve allowed Sigur Rós to pass me by somewhat, so I can’t tell you to what extent this differs from the original. I certainly this that SpWN is doing himself a disservice by labelling this one as dubstep though – it’s much more mature and sophisticated, like Jamie Woon et al. I think we need a word for this, the thinking mans dubstep. The only common factor really seems to be the deep bass, it’s probably more like the dub from which it originated. Please leave suggestions below. For the moment, I’m going with Dub-hop.

Flux Pavillion – Got 2 Know

Having just slagged off dubstep, why not post some? Sure. In breaking with the chilled out theme, here’s literally the best conventional dubstep track I’ve heard in a long long time, perhaps ever. Not only is it bareable, it’s actually pretty damned good. I’m somewhat bowled over, it’s a concept I’d pretty much condemned to non-existance. Hats of to Flux Pavillion for producing this track, I suppose fans might call it a banger? Well there you are, my first ever dubstep banger!

Emiliana Torrini – Fireheads (Bypass Remix)

The second Icelander here in a matter of minutes! Maybe I should insert a joke about Iceland being chilly and what not? I’ll avoid that… Emiliana Torrini though! Wow, she’s got another track in this post, she had one in the post from earlier as well, I’m really growing to love her music… it really is one of a kind…but what else would you expect from an Italian Icelander?

Thievery Corporation – Until The Morning (Featuring Emiliana Torrini)

I was listening to this waiting for the rapping to start, but it never happened… I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not. It’s definitely got a nice relaxed feel, but in the hands of the right person I think this could sound pretty good!

Thievery Corporation – Coming From The Top

Having come across Thievery Corporation via Emiliana Torrini, I decided to check them out further, and out popped this… I’d definitely heard this one before, I have no idea where though. The trumpets are what really make this song – I’m surprised it’s not been sampled somewhere I’ve got to say! I’d also like to place my disappointment that they have banned this from being hosted on Soundcloud. No-one wins…

Seven Saturdays – Au Revoir (MemoryHouse Remix)

This rather splendid remix of Seven Saturdays comes from lo-fi rockers Memoryhouse, which you can definitely hear elements of hear. To me, it sounds more like post-rock though. Head over to Seven Saturdays Bandcamp to get this for the price of your email address.

BBC Sound of 2011 – An Update

14 Feb

Now seems like a good time to update you with the progress of some of the BBC Sound of 2011 artists. First up, I’d like to say a big thanks to all who downloaded the mixtape and shared with their friends etc, it’s been a great success… More like that is planned in the future. But now I want to talk about some of my favourite artists from the aforementioned list, as new music of theirs has come to light recently, and it’s lived up to the high standards I’d expect! Sure, Jessie J has been propelled to number one spot, possibly entirely due to her winning of the competition, but I want to focus on James Blake, Jamie Woon and of course, Jai Paul. Regular readers will know these three, the bassy J’s if you will, are among my favourite artists at the moment, and new material of theirs inevitably excites me. Well, here it is!

James Blake – Sparing The Horses

I guess it’s best to get the disappointment out of the way first, for this is not a new song at all… It dates from his debut EP, Air & Lack Thereof. However, it’s new to me (primarily through laziness) and I’m sure it will be new to many of Blake’s listeners too… If you like him for his newer, vocal stuff prepare to be disappointed, but if you like the older, more sample oriented stuff then this ought to be right up your street. With a drum beat as frenetic as the hooves of the horses it mentions, and wallops of big fatty bass, it’s also finally gone some way to showing why he might be described as dubstep.

Jamie Woon – Missing Person

Having just shared Spiral a week ago, it’s Missing Person’s turn this week. I have to confess to preferring Spiral, but this is a good track, it lacks in sound quality and the bassy undertones which have scored previous work of Jamie Woon, but the key feature, his voice is still there. I almost walked away from this one, but as this one gets going, it gets more and more irresistible, as Woon swoons into the chorus.

Jai Paul – Baby Beat

Okay, it’s only 40 seconds long but Jai Paul is Jai Paul as far as I’m concerned. I also realised that my Jai Paul thing started before this blog, so I’ve got two more tracks to post below! This is much what we’ve come to expect, as wonky bass crashes into the Prince-esque falsetto. This is probably the album I’m anticipating most for this year, and as each day goes by I’m getting more concerned it’s not going to happen – he’s virtually a hermit now! The reason I’m looking forward to it so is it’s difference from anything else out there – the closest things are M.I.A. which doesn’t really come very close at all and Hudson Mohawke, whose only produced a couple up to the Jai Paul standard.

Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum (Jai Paul Remix)

In the meantime we’ve got this, a rather good remix of Emiliana Torrini. For all it lacks in craft and guile, it makes up in pure fun. I’m all for atmospheres, hand crafted beautifully put together music, but sometimes a brutish bassline works just as well as all the effort, as this shows. Another thing I like about this track is that it included me to Emiliana Torrini – and now it’s starting to look like a match of two of the best artists around right now.

Jai Paul – BTSTU

If you haven’t heard this, then where the hell have you actually been!? It’s one of the most innovative, interesting tracks of 2010, and really heralded Jai Paul’s arrival as a newcomer to look out for. The only thing that remains to be said is sorry, for never having posted this before!

Hippidy Hoppidy

14 Feb

Hip Hop time again, it’s been a good while since I last did a post on it, so here we are once more. When do you listen to hip-hop? Because I was thinking about this, and I actually don’t know when I do. If at all? I also think hip-hop is too broader reference point – there is a distinct lack of similarity between these songs. But without further ado, here they are…

Common Citizens – Unemployed In Summertime (Featuring Emiliana Torrini)

I’ve got this theory that all good new hip-hop is Canadian, and that’s furthered by Common Citizens… Like their compatriots, this has something of an old-school feel, the Emiliana Torrini sample is pretty cool, and it’s a nice slow jam, it’s not all just shouting about how much money you’ve got (I’m looking at Lil Wayne here, not stereotyping!) Anyway.. if you must use rap to brag, there’s ways to do it and ways not to. Our next track shows how it’s done…

The Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door

Yes, it is, of course, Biggie. For a Brooklyn native, I’m not really into Biggie.. I have like two tracks in total, so I’m not sure how qualified I would be to say this is his best track, but I’m going to say it anyway! I think what really sets this one apart is it’s production, it reminded me of Still Dre at first, and as it get going you can see how well Biggie fits it.. A match made in heaven.

FunkyDL – Can’t Keep Lying (Featuring Ricko Capit)

As you’ve probably figured by now, the most important thing for me is the production, hence why this FunkyDL track hits the spot with me.. Amy Winehouse is verging on Soul, and Soul always seems to work. I don’t mean to take away from the lyrics though, they are good too… but I feel like the sample really makes this what it is.

Incise – Rising (Redux) [Featuring Tunji]

Probably the best production of all, although the chorus is a bit of a let down.. and once again, it’s a Canadian responsible – although it seems to be very popular in Japan.. I’m not quite sure what that suggests…

CurT@!n$ – Kings of Dope (Featuring Lykke Li)

Okay, so he writes his name like a little kid and makes songs called ‘Kings of Dope’… But no, he’s not some half-assed gangster wannabe from the suburbs – well, he may be, but what he makes sounds more like Kid Cudi than any member of the Young Money brigade. I say that because I listened to half this song thinking it was Cudi… now that could just be me being stupid, but even so, you get the idea.

A Certain Philly-based DJ

14 Feb

If you have not yet heard of Diplo, here’s your chance to catch up. If you have, you know he’s the mastermind behind some productions for M.I.A., Santigold, and even rapper Gucci Mane. His work has developed a new sound unique to many listeners. Here are a few tracks that he has produced and remixed that are sure to get your head bobbing. Enjoy.

Sleigh Bells- Tell Em (Diplo Remix)

This is Diplo’s latest remix done for Sleigh Bells track “Tell Em.” Once you listen to the original track, then compare it to Diplo’s remix, it’ll really start to grow on you.

Santogold – Starstruck (Diplo Remix)

Although this is an older track, it has not disappointed me to this day. It comes from Diplo’s Top Ranking Mixtape which primarily consists of remixes of Santi’s album “Santogold” by other DJs under Diplo’s record label Mad Decent.

Gucci Mane – Danger’s Not A Stranger (Diplo Remix)

Gucci Mane’s music isn’t the type I’d listen to right off the bat. But if you listen to the mixtape “Diplo Presents: Free Gucci,” some of the beats are hard to ignore. After a couple of listens, you can’t help but pay acknowledgment to the lyrics. This particular track is an example of that. Compared to the original, this version kills it. British DJ, Sinden recently released a sequel mixtape, “Sinden Presents: Free Gucci 2 – The Burrrtish Edition.” Both are packed with bass-filled tracks that are sure to delight you, so be sure to check them out.

Finally – my personal favorite Diplo remix to date. What gets me the most about this remix is that it was completely transformed into a dance song and it works perfectly.

I hope enthusiasm about Diplo has been built. The guy really deserves some props!

Odds & Ends

12 Feb

Here are a few songs I’ve got lately that wouldn’t really fit in anywhere else… So enjoy!

Eek-a-Mouse – Sensee Party

A craze for the skateboarding Jamaican mouse Rastamouse has been sweeping the UK like a tidal wave, leading to numerous ‘remixes’ of the title theme on Youtube. Among others, including the likes of Pass Out from Tinie Tempah, is my favourite, a combination of Rastamouse and Sensee Party by Eek-a-Mouse. Sadly the video has been taken down, but you can still enjoy this reggae classic.

Nostalgia 77 – Simerdown

I don’t normally go in for lounge jazz, but my dad brought back a Nostalgia 77 CD from a party a couple of years back and I got quite into it. They’ve continued their distinctive cool style into this, their next single.

The Streets – Soldiers

You’ll remember just a few days ago I posted a link to an instrumental track from The Streets called San Frandemonium. I’ve now found out the beat was used on Computers & Blues for this track, Soldiers. I think it’s the best track on the album – although I’m not so sure about the chorus. For someone whose not normally a particularly big Streets fan, I quite like this though.

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix)

Deadboy is another artist who I’ve recently featured. This remix of Foals is different to his other works though, because as well as the usual dub elements there are bits which sound like garage, and other bits which sound like house. It works really well, I wouldn’t have expected these styles to meld so nicely but it’s an enjoyable nine minutes!