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Oh Hey There

2 Mar

Right I’ve been far too lax, been back a good couple of days and really done nothing productive – no work, no emails, no blog, no nothing. So this is my reminder to myself. Get your ass in gear! Here are some things I should have shared earlier. Sorry. Still, better late than never!

Fatima Al-Qadiri – d-medley

Without wanting to sound EDL, I can’t think of many headscarf-wearing-female-Brooklynites making music today. That’s not the only way in which Fatima Al-Qadiri’s unique however. Her music sounds like nothing else out there. The closest I can come is it sounds vaguely like a Vampire Weekend instrumental – and that is a serious compliment coming from these lips. I have to express my shock that this hasn’t taken off on a greater scale – I think it’s all a matter of time though.

Dominant Legs – Clawing Out at the Walls

Dominant Legs are fast becoming one of my favourite new bands. I really like their unique brand of almost operatic indie pop. The use of a strings section works well in every track – giving it extra weight and verve. I really like the little tune you find in every single Dominant Legs track – to me at least, everything feels like a past classic, with a real nostalgic singalong feel.

Dominant Legs – About My Girls

To me, when I listen to this, I picture a bunch of preppy students from the 60s sat around on the lawn of some prestigious college – not quite sure why that is, but that’s all I want to say about this one!

Big Wave Riders – Skate or Die

Funnily enough, as an eleven year old I actually had a sticker on my ‘deck’ commanding that readers ‘Skate or Die’. And now it’s been made into a song by Finnish garage-rockers, Big Wave Riders. It’s not nearly as bad as you might expect! No offence guys – the name isn’t cool. But fortunately, the music more than makes up for it, starting off as some kind of stadium rock jam, before mellowing out into a great indie mix, which combines the sounds of Two Door Cinema Club with some lo-fi rock in tremendous style.

Trophy Wife – Take This Night

I mentioned that Dominant Legs are fast becoming one of my new favourite bands. They’re still behind Trophy Wife in that race however. Consistently, these guys are pumping out beautifully melodic post-pop. I always like an act to have their own specific sound – and Trophy Wife have definitely got that – and what a sound it is!

Trophy Wife – The Book of Right On (Joanna Newsom Cover)

I just alluded to Trophy Wife having their own style – and that remains true, even on this cover version. But what is this style I keep referring to? I’d say it’s a less frenetic Foals, a melodic style of indie, with drum patterns which almost feel like they belong in house. Is this post-disco I wonder…

Dominant Legs – Clawing Out at the Walls (Algodón Egipcio Remix)

Back to Dominant Legs then. This remix comes from Algodón Egipcio, the world’s foremost purveyor of loop-based Venezuelan electro-pop. This remix speeds up the original and changes the drums, making it more dance friendly. It says alot for this track that I can happily listen to both the remix and the original without feeling the constant need for comparison.

Teengirl Fantasy – Dancing In Slow Motion (Algodón Egipcio Remix)

Another up-and-coming band, another Algodón Egipcio remix. This time, he’s turned the slow house of Teengirl Fantasy into something approaching a ballad. That’s until a brooding bassline gives it a much more contemporary feel. It’s interesting that these two remixes have been taken in reverse directions – one made more dance-friendly, and the other the complete opposite. I guess it shows what a versataile artist Algodón Egipcio is. He also has a great afro…