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Re-Introducing: Alpines

16 Apr

My blog has now reached the ripe old age where we can update previous posts! So today I’m going to talk about a band from South London called Alpines, who I was first harking on about way back when – or here, if you choose. So why are Alpines back on the radar? Well, in the time since I last blogged them, they slipped into a pool with a bunch of other bands who I’d heard and quite liked, and I wouldn’t say forgot about, but moved to the back of my brain? Well, they’ve very much re-entered my consciousness with some rather awesome remixes just uploaded to their Soundcloud.

Alpines – Drive (Skream’s I Ain’t Got a License Remix)

Seeing the name Skream on a track can mean one of two things. As he’s shown with Magnetic Man, it doesn’t really guarantee anything. However, to counter that there’s the remix he did of La Roux, confident sub bass rather than pandering to the “filth” happy masses as he did with Magnetic Man. Happily this remix of Alpines takes the latter formula, brooding sub bass eventually breaking out into a fast paced anthem that utilises the original ‘night-pop’ aspects very well indeed.

Alpines – Ice & Arrows (Dark Sky Remix)

Although Dark Sky are virtually worshiped in some circles, I’ve only managed to hear the remix they did of Crystalised, which is admittedly pretty impressive – because that’s one special track, but they managed to carve their own niche in it and come out of it sounding pretty good. They’ve gone for a similar style on this track, and sounds good. If the original had been produced by MJ Cole, this is what it might have sounded like.

Alpines – Drive (Akira Kiteshi Remix)

Confession time – before downloading this track, I had no idea who Akira Kiteshi are/is. I still don’t if I’m honest, but from what I hear here, it seems they are a dubstep act of some sorts. Now, as you’ll probably know I’m not a fan of dubstep, and this certainly has something of a wobble in it. In fact, it kind of sounds like Pendulum. I’m not entirely a fan. But that said, I think it works better here than normal – there is a nice contrast with her voice – this isn’t a bad song – if it was, I wouldn’t have posted it – but I do prefer the other two.