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Trophy Wife – Interviewed

17 Mar
They say you should never meet your heroes – and Trophy Wife aren’t actually my heroes, and I didn’t really meet them, but I guess the principle still applies. However, my email interview with them was in no way anti-climatic, and left me very much looking forward to the album promised ‘before the end of the year’ – as if I wasn’t already looking forward to it! So, here they are, in their own words, and be sure to check out the two tracks included.

1) So, tell us about Trophy Wife…
Trophy Wife is Jody Prewett, Kit Monteith and Ben Rimmer. The band grew out of late-night recording sessions on the top floor of an old town house. Initially we had this loose idea that wanted to play really simple, stripped down and repetitive music with a 4/4 beat always present- a dance version of The Shadows or something.

2) How did you meet, and why did you decide to form a band?
The three of us met in a cafe on Oxford’s Little Clarendon street. We went back to Kit’s garage to make some music where it transpired that Jody was actually a guitarist masquerading as a drummer.

3) What can you tell us about a tour. I know alot of people who’d love to see you guys..
We just got back from our first headline tour. It was a lot of fun and it was a pleasant surprise to see so many people turn up. Things got a bit out of hand in Manchester; some of us ended up sleeping in our tour van in the city centre with the engine running to keep us warm.

4) How about an album, is there anything in the pipeline, any dates for our diaries?
The songs are gradually taking shape in our heads. We’d like to get something out before the end of the year. We’ve amassed a lot of material and strands of songs. In between our festival dates this summer we’ll be pulling the disparate parts together that will form the debut.

5) What are you listening to at the moment?
Warpaint, Austra, Metro Area, David Byrne and Twin Shadow.

6) Favourite movie/tv show/book
The Wicker Man
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
One Hundred Years of Solitude

7) Favourite band/album of 2010?
Caribou’s ‘Swim’ was flawless.

8) How do you go about writing a song? You use disco-style beats.. are they programmed or do you create them?
Usually things start with a drum loop loop that is programmed on a computer. We also like to use live percussion instruments and create loops from those as well. Then we’ll put a basic guitar chord sequence to it and build things up as we’re recording.

Trophy Wife – Spinalonga

9) If you weren’t in a band, where do you think you’d be?
Retaking GCSE maths exams

10) Tell us an interesting fact about each of the band members?
In a past life Jody was a female builder from Saudi Arabia
Ben’s great uncle invented the shower curtain ring
Kit was an extra in the movie Free Willy after entering a Blue Peter competition.

11) Any plugs, shoutouts, football teams to cheer, basically anything else you want to say?
Ich bin ein Berliner!

Trophy Wife – White Horses