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Loose Ends Need Tying Up

6 Mar

So I’ve done one post since I got back with a few tracks in, but they were mainly stuff I got just before I went away and never got round to sharing. Here’s some odds and ends that I’ve ‘found’ since my return. Hope you enjoy!

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck

If you’ve been reading this for any time now you won’t need me to explain that Jamie Woon is a surefire favourite of mine. He’s up to his usual tricks in Lady Luck, his latest single, as he cleverly bounces his voice of the heavy bass below. Good as this is, I still don’t think it’s up there with Night Air.

Earl Wolf – Orange Juice
(Upload Blocked By Soundcloud)
The whole Earl/MellowHype/OFWGKTA thing is far from clear to me, but I think this is by Earl Wolf. It’s from the album Radical, anyway, and in my eyes at least, it’s the best track from there. The beat, stolen from Gucci Mane, is especially fantastic, but let’s not take anything away from the rapping, which as a friend remarked to me yesterday, surely should see these guys destined for success very soon.

Summer Camp – I Want You

I wasn’t too familiar with Summer Camp before hearing this one. It seems that witch-house is now the backing track of choice for a certain kind of love song, the kind where you love someone you need their permission to breathe. A tad melodramatic perhaps? Maybe, but this has come off sounding quite a lot like CREEP – not a bad thing at all…

Gold Panda – Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

Two of London’s glitchiest, most-sampling artists come together in one track…I almost expected a crescendo of crashing drums, glitchy beats and all in all vaguely-organised chaos. But it seems that this hasn’t happened at all. It’s just glitchy enough, I’d go as far as calling it coherent at times! But seriously, this is a good track, mixing the glitchy style of Gold Panda with some dubstep style bass and some house style pianos variously. Very good.

The xx – Islands (Jamie xx Remix)

Another Jamie I’m very much a fan of is Jamie xx. This remix of his bandmates relies less on deep bass than normal, instead replacing the sparse backing track with a fuller, garage instrumental. It’s hard to say whether I prefer this to the original, such is the difference between the tracks, but had this been included on the album it wouldn’t have been short of the standard, even if it might have sounded somewhat out of place.

Cults – Go Outside (Brainbheats Remix)

This remix of one of last years biggest remixes has all things in the right proportions – just the right amount of distortion, of electro but coupled with the fact you can still hear that key riff that made this song so so popular. I have to say I’m surprised at the lack of remixes of this track though..

Arctic Monkeys – Brick by Brick

The world should soon be in hyperbole, for the Arctic Monkeys have released a new track. It’s actually quite good, certainly an improvement on Humbug and maybe even Favourite Worst Nightmare, even if it hasn’t reached the heady heights of the long titled debut album – no, I won’t type it all out. Anyway, this is a good deal more upbeat than what we’ve become accustomed to – and thank God for that!

Jai Paul – BTSTU (Nu-Direction Remix)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when this was branded as ‘liquid drum and bass’ so I have to say I was pleasantly surprised upon hearing this. It should be enough to say that it does the original justice.

The xx – Basic Space (Pariah Remix)

Quite how, in 2009, this didn’t make it onto the single release of Basic Space is a mystery to me. It’s leagues ahead of anything on that release – including the original, which for what it’s worth, is a pretty good track. But this remix from Pariah, which mixes dub and house, blows it out of the water. I may be late hearing this one, but I’d go so far as to describe it as my favourite remix of The xx, one of my favourite bands…


BBC Sound of 2011 – An Update

14 Feb

Now seems like a good time to update you with the progress of some of the BBC Sound of 2011 artists. First up, I’d like to say a big thanks to all who downloaded the mixtape and shared with their friends etc, it’s been a great success… More like that is planned in the future. But now I want to talk about some of my favourite artists from the aforementioned list, as new music of theirs has come to light recently, and it’s lived up to the high standards I’d expect! Sure, Jessie J has been propelled to number one spot, possibly entirely due to her winning of the competition, but I want to focus on James Blake, Jamie Woon and of course, Jai Paul. Regular readers will know these three, the bassy J’s if you will, are among my favourite artists at the moment, and new material of theirs inevitably excites me. Well, here it is!

James Blake – Sparing The Horses

I guess it’s best to get the disappointment out of the way first, for this is not a new song at all… It dates from his debut EP, Air & Lack Thereof. However, it’s new to me (primarily through laziness) and I’m sure it will be new to many of Blake’s listeners too… If you like him for his newer, vocal stuff prepare to be disappointed, but if you like the older, more sample oriented stuff then this ought to be right up your street. With a drum beat as frenetic as the hooves of the horses it mentions, and wallops of big fatty bass, it’s also finally gone some way to showing why he might be described as dubstep.

Jamie Woon – Missing Person

Having just shared Spiral a week ago, it’s Missing Person’s turn this week. I have to confess to preferring Spiral, but this is a good track, it lacks in sound quality and the bassy undertones which have scored previous work of Jamie Woon, but the key feature, his voice is still there. I almost walked away from this one, but as this one gets going, it gets more and more irresistible, as Woon swoons into the chorus.

Jai Paul – Baby Beat

Okay, it’s only 40 seconds long but Jai Paul is Jai Paul as far as I’m concerned. I also realised that my Jai Paul thing started before this blog, so I’ve got two more tracks to post below! This is much what we’ve come to expect, as wonky bass crashes into the Prince-esque falsetto. This is probably the album I’m anticipating most for this year, and as each day goes by I’m getting more concerned it’s not going to happen – he’s virtually a hermit now! The reason I’m looking forward to it so is it’s difference from anything else out there – the closest things are M.I.A. which doesn’t really come very close at all and Hudson Mohawke, whose only produced a couple up to the Jai Paul standard.

Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum (Jai Paul Remix)

In the meantime we’ve got this, a rather good remix of Emiliana Torrini. For all it lacks in craft and guile, it makes up in pure fun. I’m all for atmospheres, hand crafted beautifully put together music, but sometimes a brutish bassline works just as well as all the effort, as this shows. Another thing I like about this track is that it included me to Emiliana Torrini – and now it’s starting to look like a match of two of the best artists around right now.

Jai Paul – BTSTU

If you haven’t heard this, then where the hell have you actually been!? It’s one of the most innovative, interesting tracks of 2010, and really heralded Jai Paul’s arrival as a newcomer to look out for. The only thing that remains to be said is sorry, for never having posted this before!

5 of the Best: Electronic Artists to Watch in 2011

20 Dec

A lot of blogs like to try and predict the artists that they expect to make it big in the coming year around now, so I thought I’d give it a try. As the two focuses of the blog are electronic and indie music, I thought I’d compile a list of five for each.

1) Jai Paul – BTSTU

Highly tipped by everyone, the Hounslow based artist has drawn comparisons from ┬áM.I.A. to Prince and to everything else inbetween. His music is undoubtedly good though, a great meeting of falsetto and deep bass, which shouldn’t work but does.

2) Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix)

The ‘prince of post-dubstep’ has been around for quite a while, this remix dates from 2008. However, people are now looking for an escape from the relentless sound of dubstep, and his style which is much closer to the dub roots from which the genre came is now most certainly in vogue. Like Jai Paul, a mix of soul and dub isn’t something you’d expect to work but it does here.

3) Dom – Living In America

Dom last year released a short EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, the highlight of the six tracks being Living In America, a sexy, synthy, no-fi tribute to the land of his birth. More tracks like that and stardom beckon for the former orphan.

4) Toddla T – Hold Yuh (Remix of Gyptian, featuring D Double E)

Toddla T has released a full album, to moderate success and as such perhaps shouldn’t feature here. However, since then his style has matured greatly, and bleeps and bangs are replaced with housey keyboard sequences which surely mark his entry into the mainstream. Labelled by some as the new Major Lazer, the bashment anthems of Toddla, destined to eternally be labelled as a white-kid-from Sheffield are something to watch out for.

5) Conner Youngblood – Monsters

Probably the least heard of artist here, Conner Youngblood mixes bass into tracks that would otherwise be dubbed indie/pop. However, it is far more subtle than what Jai Paul does. Both have their individual merits and both are artists to watch for next year.

BBC’s Sound of 2011 – Mixtape

18 Dec

Critique of this list, compiled by a hundred and a few ‘tastemakers’, is all over the internet. However, what is lacking is a mix of all the artists in one go. So I’ve created this exclusively for Compromise Music Readers, a mixtape featuring a song from each of the artists.

If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, you can find it out here.


1) Anna Calvi – Jezebel
2) Clare Maguire – Hope There’s Someone
3) Daley – Rainy Day
4) Esben & The Witch – Warpath
5) Jai Paul – Genevieve
6) James Blake – Limit To Your Love
7) Jamie Woon – Robots
8) Jessie J – Do It Like a Dude (HyGrade Dubstep Remix)
9) Mona – Walk In The Park
10) The Naked & Famous – Crazy Yes Dumb No
11) Nero – Hypnotize U (Remix of Daft Punk & N.E.R.D.)
12) The Vaccines – Blow It Up
13) Warpaint – Undertow
14) Wretch 32 – Superhero
15) Yuck – Rubber (Mogwai Remix)

Click here to download.

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