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So You Like Garage?

14 Apr

Following the positive feedback on my last post featuring garage, I figured I may as well give you garage junkies some more.

Checan – Absent

Basically how this works is – Checan makes a new song. It is awesome. I tell you guys about it. You agree it is awesome. We all wait for Checan to make a new song. And now he has! And yes, it is awesome!

FaltyDL – Brazil (Cairo’s Falling Down Remix)

I for one regard FaltyDL as one of the most exciting electronic producers out there – so his decision to release the stems for ‘Brazil’ excited me. This remix from Australian Cairo (who ought to be Egyptian, surely) is one of the best reworkings I’ve heard so far.

The xx – Shelter (C.R.S.T Remix)

The main problem I find with remixes of The xx is that they ruin the key aspects of the track – the space and so on that makes the tune even more poignant. This future garage remix from C.R.S.T manages to avoid that – while the tune is maintained, so are key aspects that keep the atmosphere of the track.

Sentinels – Spirals

To sum this up is easy – it basically sounds like what would happen if Hudson Mohawke started doing garage. While you might see garage as a form of dance music, I’d say this is the only track on this list that you could really dance to.