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Compromise Music Presents: The Remixtape, Vol. I

2 Apr

I’m pleased to eventually be able to introduce you to a project we at Compromise Music have been working on recently. Basically what happened was, we gathered a few of our favourite producers, and got together for a bit of a mixtape. What we did is got them to remix one song of our choice, and one of theirs. Here’s the final project, which I think it’s fair to say all involved are very pleased with! I’m honestly proud to be introducing these artists to you and also to be at least partially responsible for the existence of some of these tracks! You can grab the tape here, but most of the tracks are available individually on the artists Soundcloud pages, listed below.


1) Yelle – Safari Disco Club (HLM Remix)
2) Trophy Wife – Microlite (Randy Lauren Allien Remix)
3) The Streets – Soldiers (Danny T Remix)
4) Camo & Krooked – Climax (Ollie Macfarlane Edit)
5) French Films – Take You With Me (HLM Remix)
6) Foals – Miami (Randy Lauren Allien Remix)
7) Jamie Woon – Missing Person (Danny T Remix)
8) Skream – Midnight Request Line (Ollie Macfarlane Edit)

Enjoy these exclusive tracks!

HLM on Soundcloud
Randy Lauren Allien on Soundcloud
Danny T on Soundcloud
Ollie Macfarlane on Soundcloud
Compromise Music on Soundcloud

More music will be coming very shortly!


Odds & Ends

12 Feb

Here are a few songs I’ve got lately that wouldn’t really fit in anywhere else… So enjoy!

Eek-a-Mouse – Sensee Party

A craze for the skateboarding Jamaican mouse Rastamouse has been sweeping the UK like a tidal wave, leading to numerous ‘remixes’ of the title theme on Youtube. Among others, including the likes of Pass Out from Tinie Tempah, is my favourite, a combination of Rastamouse and Sensee Party by Eek-a-Mouse. Sadly the video has been taken down, but you can still enjoy this reggae classic.

Nostalgia 77 – Simerdown

I don’t normally go in for lounge jazz, but my dad brought back a Nostalgia 77 CD from a party a couple of years back and I got quite into it. They’ve continued their distinctive cool style into this, their next single.

The Streets – Soldiers

You’ll remember just a few days ago I posted a link to an instrumental track from The Streets called San Frandemonium. I’ve now found out the beat was used on Computers & Blues for this track, Soldiers. I think it’s the best track on the album – although I’m not so sure about the chorus. For someone whose not normally a particularly big Streets fan, I quite like this though.

Foals – Spanish Sahara (Deadboy Remix)

Deadboy is another artist who I’ve recently featured. This remix of Foals is different to his other works though, because as well as the usual dub elements there are bits which sound like garage, and other bits which sound like house. It works really well, I wouldn’t have expected these styles to meld so nicely but it’s an enjoyable nine minutes!


5 Feb

I’ve never hidden the fact that I don’t like dubstep – some would say I’ve shouted it from the rooftops. So a large part of me feels highly dubious about these postings. It’s not dubstep-dubstep though, it’s more sophisticated – I feel like a musical elitist saying this – well I am really – but this is proper music, not just noise.

Ghost – Stories (Featuring Misty Miller)

This link up between two South London teenagers has real soul and atmosphere, the contrast of Misty’s delicate voice with the hard synths of Ghost is nice. It works so well.

Ghost – Fairytale (Featuring Misty Miller)

Much the same story as above, but this one is a tad closer to Misty’s style than Ghosts, until at 1 minute some seriously good synth work happens. It almost reminds me of Jamie xx’s version of Running from We’re New Here.

The Streets – San Frandemonium

To call this one dubstep is really pushing ‘dubstep’ to it’s very outmost limits – in geographical terms it’s like calling Watford part of London. That probably doesn’t help you to get a very good picture of the song I realise. Basically, it’s pure production from The Streets – and he really comes into his own here, with this synth driven hip hop instrumental – I can’t exactly genre-fy it, as you might be able to tell!

James Blake – Tep & The Logic

The newer, ‘next Bon Iver’ stuff has got everyone and his brother in a real frenzy about James Blake, but it’s stuff like Tep & The Logic, a rejected take from his up-coming album, that got James Blake his original fanbase.

Jamie xx – Far Nearer

This has been floating around the internet for quite a long time now but only a radio rip from XFM was available. After that it was rumoured to be appearing on We’re New Here which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. Who knows what it is!? Anyway, here it is in all it’s deep bass-steel drums glory.

Blackbird Blackbird – Float On (Modest Mouse Cover)

This drifts out of the greater-dubstep movement and over into chillwave. I guess it’s most closely related to the James Blake track. It’s bliss for all seasons.

Get Down Get Down

2 Feb

Shake that ‘booty’, clap your hands, wiggle those hips – do whatever it is when you’re dancing. If you wanna do it well, do the opposite of me! I’ll stick firmly behind the decks. Anyway, here are a few tracks you might wanna get down and funky to. Alternatively, you could just sit and nod your head – probably a better choice, all told.

Kim Josh Ill – New Disco Deux

Kim Jong Ill – the only person you’d like to get hold of nuclear weapons less than Sarah Palin. Kim Josh Ill – the only person you’d like to get their hands on your parents disco collection more than Étienne de Crécy. Learn that difference – it could be important! This track, New Disco Deux is set to do big things. So keep your eyes out for this new up-and-coming producer.

Ashton Edit – Somebody

I came accross this guy on a trawl of Soundcloud, and found that I really liked his filter/french house sound. Have to say I hadn’t heard of him, but I think he’ll be someone we’ll all here a great deal more of in the future. This has more of an eighties feel than a lot of stuff I listen to but I think it would really go off. Great tune!

Dominic DeCocco – Love Festival

I wouldn’t usually expect to find a Disco House producer going by the Italinate name of Dominic DeCocco deep in the heart of middle England, but I have – well he found me, with a track in my dropbox actually – but it’s a good find, a nice bout of the very cool Love Festival to blow away the cobwebs on your flares and disco boots.

The Streets – Came In Through The Door (Featuring Kano)

The Streets new mixtape, Cyberspace and Reds has, as one Facebook friend put it, ‘pissed all over the last two albums’. He is, on the whole, right. This is a standout track, with Kano, with a big fat wobbly bassline in the background and typical Streets-synths. I wasn’t mourning his demise as much as some fans admitedly, but after hearing this, I am to quite a large extent.

And that’s that. Enjoy! And fear not, I will post some more conventional indie soon!