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Compromise Music Presents: The Remixtape, Vol. I

2 Apr

I’m pleased to eventually be able to introduce you to a project we at Compromise Music have been working on recently. Basically what happened was, we gathered a few of our favourite producers, and got together for a bit of a mixtape. What we did is got them to remix one song of our choice, and one of theirs. Here’s the final project, which I think it’s fair to say all involved are very pleased with! I’m honestly proud to be introducing these artists to you and also to be at least partially responsible for the existence of some of these tracks! You can grab the tape here, but most of the tracks are available individually on the artists Soundcloud pages, listed below.


1) Yelle – Safari Disco Club (HLM Remix)
2) Trophy Wife – Microlite (Randy Lauren Allien Remix)
3) The Streets – Soldiers (Danny T Remix)
4) Camo & Krooked – Climax (Ollie Macfarlane Edit)
5) French Films – Take You With Me (HLM Remix)
6) Foals – Miami (Randy Lauren Allien Remix)
7) Jamie Woon – Missing Person (Danny T Remix)
8) Skream – Midnight Request Line (Ollie Macfarlane Edit)

Enjoy these exclusive tracks!

HLM on Soundcloud
Randy Lauren Allien on Soundcloud
Danny T on Soundcloud
Ollie Macfarlane on Soundcloud
Compromise Music on Soundcloud

More music will be coming very shortly!


On the count of three… Ooh La La

18 Jan

Something’s come over me lately, and to be quite honest I don’t really know what it is. If you hadn’t figured it out from the picture and the title, I have at least temporarily become something of a Francophile. To what extent it’s Yelle driven remains to be seen.
DISCLAIMER – The French Government has definitely not paid me to write this. I am not a cultural ambassador for France. I promise.

Yelle – La Femme (Siriusmo Remix)
[They stole this track from my Soundcloud :'( sorry. Google it!]
Yelle is always the place to start when talking about France. Unless you start with Daft Punk.. but we’ve had plenty of Daft Punk on this blog already, and we’ve had quite a bit of Yelle too but if she carries on making music like this we’ll carry on saying Ooh La La, then we’ll share it with you, and you’ll carry on saying Ooh La La..

La Femme – La Femme Resort

The title of the last track is the name of this band. Now I’m featuring Air, Yelle more Yelle and some Daft Punk (I changed my mind) here. I think that La Femme are going to be the next name on that list of cool, sexy French exports. Currently bumming around America, these guys make surf pop, but with a French tinge. As well as this one be sure to check out Sur La Planche.

Poka – Superhero

I didn’t add Poka to that little list above because he spoilt the globally famous metaphor but again, like La Femme, I don’t think it will stay that way for long. He’s actual Greek but what he’s making is very French indeed and when this new release of his came up on my Soundcloud dashboard I couldn’t refuse – be sure to get it quickly, the free download is limited. He’s also included here.

Air – La Femme d’Argent (Pyramid Remix)

Another La Femme!? I can promise I didn’t make this post just for searching La Femme. Obviously it’s something of a French obsession – we already knew that anyway! It’s a brave thing to try and remix Air, especially when you consider that Lyonnais Pyramid is virtually unheard of. Not only did he try though, he succeeded with real panache.

Yelle – La Musique

Second dose of Yelle, this one’s from a Kitsuné Compilation. Seriously, the French are behind all the good stuff nowadays! I don’t know exactly what to say, it gets hard not to start repeating yourself here, but like the other track, this has a high Ooh La La content. It’s by Yelle after all – it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that it’s going to be good!

Mr Flash – Disco Dynamite

If Kitsuné isn’t your thing, why not Ed Banger. This is typical fodder of theirs, some very cool French House/Nu Disco. Man, even listening to this, little men in flares on a flashing dancefloor come into my head. Yep, you got it, it’s pretty cool..

Daft Punk – One More Time

Last but by absolutely no means least, does anyone not love this track!? In fact, if you don’t love this track, you’re at the wrong place. Ever since the day it came out it’s I was like “J’adore!”. Man, I was pretty young then. I guess it just goes to show how cool I was as a little kid really, eh?  This is seriously so good, words can’t describe it. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, right? Well this song speaks a thousand pictures.

I’ll finish with that poetic thought, haha. I sorta feel like I’m the French cultural ambassador! I hope you enjoyed those incroyable tracks..

Vive La France!

Insert vaguely interesting title here…

12 Jan

Weirdly enough one of things I’ve found hardest about this whole blogging business is coming up with title’s for each piece. Do I just go down the boring, descriptive route, or do I go with some thought that sounded really good when I was a wee bit high but sounds slightly weird now (‘I see the future in black and white’, I’m looking at you here). Well anyway, this dilemma has now got the stage where I’ve all but given up, as you can see.

If you’re still wondering what the hell this whole post’s about, and haven’t just skipped onto the music, its some tracks I’ve stumbled upon recently – mainly what happened the night Mr Indie and Mrs Electro both got drunk and started making bastard children. Beautiful children though…

Yelle – Safari Disco Club

Ah Yelle, that bastion of French decorum. Ever more stylish and sexy, she’s back with a new track, Safari Disco Club, and melting more boys hearts as they dance and try and remember their 10th grade French..

Broken Social Scene – Texaco Bitches (Star Slinger Remix)

Past experience has taught me that a meeting of internet darlings rarely sounds as good as it ought to – I for one found the normally excellent Jamie xx’s remix of the normally excellent Adele distinctly underwhelming. Maybe I ought to play it some more. Anyway, one combination that has come out well is this remix from Star Slinger.

Rich Aucoin – Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E. (All Living Instantly Vanquish Everything)

The Beach Boys referencing title of this one gives it instant kudos. After I’d judged this song by it’s title (is that as bad as judging a book by it’s cover!?) I was pleased to note my prophecy had indeed come true. It is indeed a pretty cool track. Starting off with either a Beach Boys sample or something that way inclined, it progresses into something resembling D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. This is one Canadian I shall certainly be keeping on my radar.

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Oliver Remix)

While perusing Soundcloud for the relevant tracks for this post, this remix popped up on my homepage. Now, Chromeo are a good band, so I couldn’t just ignore it. I played it, and at first, I have to say, I was disgusted. Hard synths all over Chromeo. What the hell!? That’s not what Chromeo’s for. But I’ve always been taught that patience is a virtue, and so I gave it a minute – and how rewarding it was. It transpires the funk hadn’t gone AWOL, it was just cleverly interwoven in the hard synth that was all of a sudden started sounding really good. So I better apologise to Oliver. Hard synths all over Chromeo? Yes please!

Mike Posner – 31 Minutes to Takeoff (Keljet Remix)

You might be familiar with Keljet from his awesome Adele remix. If not, familiarise yourself. Anyway, on his Soundcloud is this remix of Mike Posner. Incidentally I liked Mike Posner when he first came out, I thought it was quite quirky – the combination of his soft voice with some great electro-pop beats. However, the big nasty faceless corporations got their hands on him and as far as I was concerned, Mike Posner was just a flash in the pan. A flash that happens to still be burning if you listen to Radio 1, but not otherwise. Anyhow, this remix from Keljet has reinvigorated him somewhat in my eyes. It’s melodic yet danceable, a really great track (1:3o is where it starts to get really exciting).

The Radio Dept – Never Follow Suit

Using a cover which, to me, looks like a guy smoking crack out of a gun gives a lot to live up to. Now with an image like that, you’d think this is the latest offering from The Game or some other self styled hustler. What you certainly wouldn’t expect is for it to belong to a dream pop group from Sweden, hardly renowned as a gang hotspot. But there we go. Now, apparently this lot have been round since 1995, and I’m unsure whether to admit to having not heard of them. Will I get some horrendous social stigma and lose all my readers? Am I in effect coming out as a philistine? I don’t know. One of their albums made an NME list, although this was back in 2004, so maybe I’m alright after all? Anyway, this is balearic-ambient-dream pop-indie, after the heart of the likes of The Miracles Club, featured yesterday.

James Blake – I Never Learnt to Share (Sound Remedy Remix)

Post-dubber James Blake is taken to the dancefloor, kicking and screaming here by Chicago’s Sound Remedy. In a recent interview I read, James Blake said he was at his happiest when one of his songs made a girl cry on a dancefloor. Now I don’t think he’s a masochist but even so, this song creates something I’d rather see on a dancefloor, which is some dancing – it’s what they’re for after all. If you listen to the first minute of this you’ll probably have no idea what I’m on about it. When I heard it, I was enjoying the bass and so I downloaded it. What I hadn’t accounted for was the electro-fury coming in a bit later. Persevere with this one and you will reap the rewards!

Pete & The Pirates – Winter

One of the first tracks ever to be featured on this blog was Mr Understanding, by Pete & The Pirates. It’s a great track. However, it comes from 2008’s little debut Little Death, and it’s fair to say that fans of the band have been getting tired of patiently waiting for new material. Their waiting was finally rewarded on Boxing Day (or Today if you’re me) with the release of this track, Winter. Lacking the raw energy of Mr Understanding, this sounds more like something that the Mystery Jets might have released to me, albeit with dare I say it, a slightly house-like beat. Not wanting to tempt fate, but this one is absolutely primed for remixing. Just saying. If you don’t like it first time, I’d suggest giving it a couple more plays, it takes a few to appreciate. It’s what you might call a grower..

With that we’re at the end of probably the longest post I’ve ever written, I hope you enjoy it and happy listening. Rejoice in the beauty of these children indie and electro have parented. There’s a little joke as a reward for those who read all of the intro rather than just skimming to the tracks. You know who you are…