The Jay-Z Mashup Project

25 Nov

Talk about diamonds in the dirt, there’s a bona fide one right here. My favorite mashup work of the year? Yes. Where did I find it. Trawling through Bandcamp, thats where. Three hours of hardcore procrastination were truly rewarded when I found the Jay-Z Mashup Project. Now, it’s seventeen tracks long, and there are one or two I don’t really like, but it’s a pretty solid debut from Supermash. The title explains what it’s about really, basically Jay-Z acapellas get mixed in with various beats. But what makes this album so strong is the strength of these ‘various samples’. One of the most imaginative compilations this year, that’s for sure, it’s not just the mainstream radio instrumentals a lot of mashup albums are using, it’s got some of music’s furthest flung ideas. Post dubstep anyone?

Here are some of my highlights, and now head over to his Bandcamp and get this shit bought!

Supermash – Never Swim

Supermash – Who Aidy Wit II

Supermash – Money Ain’t a Mission

Supermash – I Need a Jigga

Supermash – Justify My Quicksand


4 Responses to “The Jay-Z Mashup Project”

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